Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Reconnecting Cousins

Our nieces are staying with us for the week and 2 days ago, Bryan had a blast pulling our kids and their cousins on a sled behind the 4 wheeler. I have not heard that much laughter and screaming in a long time. Elijah and my mother-in-law built up a really nice ramp so the sled riders could get some air. Wow, what fun!
Today we took a long walk in the woods and stood watching the river for a little while. It is a mixture of crazy fun and relaxation as we spend time up here in the woods. My kids and their cousins get along as if they had never been apart and that is such a blessing. They still have a lot in common despite their life experiences being so different over the last 5 years. It gives me hope that my kids will be able to transition back into their community in 2 years.
Is it safer with their eyes closed?? Probably not :)

Let the snow balls fly cause for once, Eli can't get us back!

This one is pretty awesome. It is the first time Mercy has been sledding with a ramp. I'd say that she likes it quite a bit :)

These 5 are pretty awesome together! Friends for life.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Family Fun

We made it safely home to America and we are hiding away in the forest of Michigan. There have been SO MANY things that we have noticed that are different than what we are used to in Lesotho, and it has been a fun family game. Mercy and Faith are just amazed at all the trees. Elijah is amazed because there are no people (no shepherds). There are no taxis or pedestrians and because we are in the woods, it is sooooooo quiet! We laughed about how soft the toilet paper is and were appalled at the ridiculous size of a large coke at McDonalds (it is a liter or more in size, crazy). We were surprised to see police actually pulling over speeders and had to remember to slow down. Also needed to remember to be on the proper side of the road (that has been a tough thing to remember and there have been a few close calls, oops). We actually have to get out of our cars and pump our own gas (petrol). I am sure there are plenty of more things that will come up, I just thought I'd share a few :)
I promised the kids to do my best to take them to do 1 fun thing each week while we are home, so today, we went to the beach. I knew it was too cold to play there, but the wind was blowing hard and we wanted to see the waves. It was totally worth it!!!!! Living in a land locked country has really helped us appreciate Lake Michigan. We grabbed some take out and had a nice time together as a family. Here are a few pictures...

I also wanted to point out that Bryan and his mom took the time to make me a special cake for my birthday this week. It was picked due to my like of Kit Kats and not because of the pig theme in case you are wondering :) It was really yummy too!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mercy and Faith's thoughts on furlough

"I am very excited to be going on furlough. I hope the 4 days will go by fast. Can't wait to see my family and friends, but I am sad that it is only 9 weeks. School is going great, and I am sad that I have to do some work on furlough (no offense Miss Dawn or Miss Beth). I am looking forward to doing some roller skating. I want to see some snow and go sledding, make a snowman and play with my grandparents dog. After I play in the snow, I want to go inside and drink some hot cocoa. At Thanksgiving, I hope my Oma will make some of her famous pickles.
I definitely will miss the Beautiful Gate Christmas party cause the food is really, really good (thank you Ntate KB).
Miss you all."

"I would really appreciate it if I could hang out with my family and friends and have fun. I would like it if our whole family is there. I would like to go roller skating and sledding with our cousins. I also hope to build a snowman and play with my grandparent's dog.
I love everyone and I am so happy to see everyone. I will really miss Lesotho because it is so beautiful and I have spent most of my life here. I am really going to miss school and my friends there."

We are leaving in 4 days! Ready or not West Michigan, here come the Geurinks!

Monday, November 2, 2015

My kids at school and playgroup

Last full week of school for my kiddos till we head out on furlough!!!! I get a 9 week break from packing their lunches :) Just saying that reminds me of the hundreds of things which will be available to our taste buds in a very short period of time. I do not miss the food from home when I am here, but I do remember there are many things which we cannot get here. I better not get started on all of them or I will fill an entire post with things none of you care to read about, hahaha.

My kids had wacky Wednesday and pajama Friday last week so I thought it would be fun to post a couple pictures of my cute kids when looking "not" so cute. I am so thankful for their new school, but I am also so thankful to have them around more for the next 9 weeks.

I brought my kids to play group last week too because they have really been missing living on campus and having the play group available whenever they wanted to play. We had such a good time playing with the kids and I thought I would post a couple pictures of them playing here too. I know they are going to miss it for a few months.

I am so blessed by having these 3 kids. God has been so good to us, and I love watching them grow in their love and friendship with each other and with the BG kids.