Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weight on my heart

Just for the record...I don't think I am bi-polar, but if you read my blog from week to week, it may seem like I am! I can go from such a high, to such a low in a very short period of time. This week feels like a low to me. Maybe there was just too much going on in the last few weeks that now I am decompressing, or maybe it is the week of rain that has been happening, or maybe it is just living in Lesotho.

I feel weight on my heart that I can't unload. I feel troubled for so many people, and it is painful. There are more and more situations that I am becoming aware of and they are completely heart breaking. I know God sees those who I have been praying for, but it feels like He is silent. I know that He has a good plan for all who love Him and call upon His name, but waiting is very discouraging. I will not give up hope even in my discouragement, but there are days that feel a little more hopeless than others.

On top of the weight that I am carrying for those in Lesotho, my heart has been completely shattered in the area of abortion. I think that our living here for 7 years and trying to facilitate families coming together, and our own choice to adopt can clearly show that we care deeply for life. I care so much for children that sometimes when I hear their abandonment stories, I feel physically sick. Yesterday, Elijah had to watch a video about abortion for one of his online classes, and I decided that I needed to view the video so I know what they are saying and teaching my son. I was literally shaking and nauseous after watching a video of an actual abortion as well as many graphic scenes of tiny baby hands, legs, and faces. My heart is broken for those little ones who will never get the chance to experience life. They will not even get the chance to feel love, know the care of a parent, or even breathe a breath of fresh air. I am broken for those who feel this is a good option when I personally know many, many mothers and fathers who are sitting with empty arms, waiting for a child to love.

Please pray for the many jobless, hungry and hopeless in Lesotho. Also pray for those who feel stuck, confused and scared and run to the wrong solution whether it is abortion or abandonment, neglect or mistreatment, or any other thing than receiving the blessing they have been given and giving everything they have to do what is right, even if that includes adoption. Thank you for your prayers and for allowing me to unload a little of the weight on my heart.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Baptisms, Birthdays, and Profession of faith....oh my!!

On December 31st, Polita and Nthabeleng were baptized at the Semonkong falls. It was really great because we have our pastor from Michigan visiting along with several friends, and even Bryan's parents. It was a beautiful (and hot) day!

On January 1st, we celebrated Polita (8) and Nthabeleng's (6) birthdays! We had lots of friends and family with us to share their first birthday party. Polita was amazed that we had such a party for them and enjoyed all the presents, especially her new doll with hair she can braid!!!

Then on January 4th, Elijah stood before his friends, family, and adopted aunts and uncles ( aka the BG staff) and gave his testimony and profession of faith. Wow, what a beautiful moment for all of us to witness. He is an incredible young man who really takes his faith seriously. 

It has been a very full and wonderful week with my family. Bryan and I have committed to raise Polita and Nthabeleng in such a way as to teach them about God, and we have witnessed what that looks like through Elijah. We also got to see pure joy and delight from our youngest 2 girls as they had a special day all about them. Our hearts are full this week as we celebrate the blessings we have been given, and one of those blessings is that Oma and Papa are here to celebrate these milestones with us.