Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Good-bye my dear Friend, I will miss you

There are moments in life where things take you so off balance, there is no where to go but down. I hit a moment like that on Monday and I am still reeling in shock.
I know this kind of thing happens to people all over the world every single day, but I guess you just never get used to it.
A dear friend of mine has very suddenly passed on into the arms of Jesus. Just last month she was messaging me and we were making plans to have her come over for tea. She hadn't been to my new house or met my new daughters yet, so she said she would let me know when she was back in town. This friend used to be our nurse at BG. She was a great nurse, and I think I have blogged about it before, but we were required to let her go (labor dept wouldn't give her a work visa) because she was not a Masotho. As soon as we let her go, the government of Lesotho picked her up as a nurse for a clinic up in the mountains (don't even get me started on the hypocrisy of that decision of the Lesotho labor department). Her new clinic was in a mountainous area of Lesotho and the only way to really get there was through MAF flights. When she had time off, she would go visit her husband and son in Zimbabwe (her home country), but on her way back, she would stop by and see us at BG when time permitted.
Her precious daughter died a few years ago, and my friend missed her daughter so much. My one comfort right now is that they are united in heaven and her longing for her precious daughter is healed. But for those that remain, it is just heartbreaking. We didn't even know she was sick, and now she is gone. I hate that I didn't get to visit her, or pray with her when she was sick. She gave up so much to come to Lesotho in order to find work and provide for her family, and it feels so unfair that this is how it ends. I know that God's timing is always the best timing. I am grateful that He blessed Lesotho with a woman who knew how to love and serve others more than herself. I am grateful that I could call Patty my friend. We could talk about what it was like being foreigners in Lesotho and share fond memories we had of our home countries. I admired the love she had for her family and what she sacrificed to help them thrive. This country has lost a beautiful angel of love and mercy, but God has gained a very good and faithful servant.
I miss you terribly, Patty and I look forward to worshipping our Father in heaven together one day. You made me feel loved and appreciated as your boss even when we cried together because I had to let you go. You cared for the children and staff at BG with great patience and grace. You handled frustration with grace, and confronted in love. I am blessed beyond measure to have been lucky enough to call you my friend.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sad Good-byes

Today has been a reminder of how hard it can be to be an ex-pat/missionary overseas. I watched as a family had to separate as they took their son to boarding school, leaving his younger sister and brother behind. Oh my heart, as I saw the tears of everyone involved in saying goodbye. I know that there comes a day when you have to let your kids "leave the nest," but 9th grade just feels harder than college age. Here we are in this little country of Lesotho with no high school, and families are forced into leaving, sending kids to boarding school or online schooling which isn't the best option for many kids who want to join clubs or sports.
Elijah is the last boy in our missionary community who is in middle school and had to say goodbye to his best friend today (they have been friends for over 5 years). It is sad to see these good-byes, and it is a stark reminder of the same hard decision that we will be forced to act on a year from now. The battle within a 13 year old (this is where Eli is) who wants desperately to be challenged more academically, play sports, have friends his own age, and join a club that will help him in his desire to invent things, yet he has NO desire to leave his family. It is just one of those things that we cannot control, but we have to trust God as we learn to let go of the imagined control we have, and embrace the future God has already planned for our kids. That being said, it still brings tears to my eyes as I watch...knowing that I am next.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Our last few weeks in Pictures!

We have celebrated birthdays, climbed mountains, had a snowball fight (P and N's first time seeing snow!!!!!), played countless games and even made snow globes thanks to Aunt Amy!