Monday, May 15, 2017

Praying for a miracle

Today I celebrated Mother's Day by sitting next to a very special friend. Thank you to all of you who made it possible for me to get here. Kimberly was so surprised to see me and it was a tearful reunion (yep, the tears were all mine as I am getting a little more emotional in my "over the hill" age), and it is amazing to be here and see her in person.
It is hard to believe that she left Lesotho at the end of January in relatively good health, and now she is dealing with cancer. Despite her pain and despite being stuck in a bed due to the pain, Kimberly has such a good attitude. She is grateful for every day that she has and seeks to suffer with an attitude of rejoicing. She is being so strong and courageous despite the diagnosis she has been given as she is told that her cancer is terminal.
Seeing her push aside pain to enjoy every second with her daughter, Lebo, is amazing. They read books together, snuggle and pray together when Lebo comes to visit. It was fun to surprise Lebo with my visit too because she seems pretty happy to have her "Aunt Anita" around.
Some of my thoughts are that really, I am totally unprepared for this kind of situation. I have never walked through a close friend's journey through cancer. Last night Kim's pain was well beyond manageable and she was in tears. All I could do was hug her and cry with her because I had already done everything I could to have the nursing staff increase her medication dose, but the doctor in charge could not be reached.  It was heartbreaking. The whole reason she is at the place she is at is for pain management, yet it wasn't even close to managed. Cancer is a horrible disease and seeing it's effects on a dear friend just broke me.
Today was a whole different story. Kim was able to get the medication changes she needs, and has been feeling much better tonight. I am so thankful that she has received some relief. She is scheduled for the gamma knife procedure on May 24th. We don't know if the oncology department at the hospital will contact her to start chemo and radiation before the gamma knife or if they will do it after, so we are in the waiting game.
Few prayer points:
Please pray that the brain tumor will not grow bigger while she has to wait for her appointment and also that it will not add any side effects to her, such as weakness of limbs.
Also that the pain management will continue to work. Once the pain gets too high, it takes a really long time to get it back under control.
Pray for a miracle and that God would heal her and show His glory by making the impossible, possible.
Thanks for your prayers!!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Anita. Give her a hug from me. We are praying for healing. Love, Sharol