Friday, March 24, 2017

A Little Play Time

Today, I decided to leave my desk and go for a little visit to the soft play room (room for the 6 month olds until they are walking). It was really nice to spend a little time playing with the children. I had a few that really loved being lifted into the air and then they would just giggle. However, there was one that thought that was pretty terrifying so it turned into cuddle time instead of playtime for her. There have been so many new children being brought in to BG in the last few weeks, and I was able to see a few of them this morning. They have adjusted so well to their new environment. It is hard to believe that only a few weeks have gone by since their little worlds have been turned upside down. Children are able to adapt and adjust in the most remarkable ways, and I can only say that it is because of the grace of God.

One of the other things that is sweet about the soft play room, is the comments and knowledge of our local and international volunteers. They really know the children in that room as if it were their own child. How they eat, whether or not they like tummy time, moods, preferred toys, and so much more. It is not an easy job to care for 16 little ones daily, but they really take the time to know each child and it is nice to see. I think I will have to make a point to get into the playgroup more often because it was a highlight for my morning. A great reminder that through the ups and downs of life and ministry, each little child on our campus makes it all worthwhile (so do our beautiful staff, but I was focusing on the children today!).


  1. Adorable! Always a highlight for me too! 😘

  2. 5 more months and then I can join you!