Thursday, March 16, 2017

I Miss You

I miss your strong arms
Your dear voice describing trollocs and farms,
I miss your rough tickling
our laughter making the birds take wing,
I miss the flickering flame
of the fire of which you all made the same,
I miss sitting with you
wearing fuzzy socks and drinking stew,
Oh how much I miss you!

I miss the meals of Mac & Cheese
and teasing you when you sneeze,
I miss your uncontrollable laughs
right after my evening baths,
I miss your jokes
and the sparks of the fire your hand stokes,
I miss our games of Legendary
when we laughed and lost all merry,
Oh how I miss you!

But there is no need for me to fear
for you are right here,
I thank God for you.

By: Faith Geurink

Bryan returned from his 3 week trip to the US and UK. To say he was missed by his children would be a gross understatement, so I thought I would share this beautiful poem from his oldest daughter. With a sweet girl like her around, I am pretty sure that he will never feel forgotten or under appreciated. And in the nice words of his youngest daughter, "It is so nice to have a mom AND a dad around again!" We can just enjoy our time together as a family of 7 until August.

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  1. Thank-you for letting us peak into the heart of your dear, sweet Faith