Monday, March 6, 2017

Getting By

Just thought I should let you all know that I am still alive ;) You are probably wondering what has happened since it has been so long since my last post. Well, Bryan and Lindiwe headed to Michigan, Mississippi and the UK so he can introduce her to some of our supporting churches and friends. They left on February 20th, so I have been trying to hold the fort at our home, KCAL (school) and help Peter at Beautiful Gate. They are due to return to Lesotho on March 14th so just over a week to go. Sounds like they have been extremely busy, but things are going well for them and we are so thankful for that.
I cannot even begin to describe all the things that have happened or gone wrong in the last week and a half, but God is carrying us all through. Please pray for Mercy's teacher who has gone back to the states for a few weeks due to the sickness of a beloved grandfather. I have been sick for a week and a half now, so prayers for that to go away would also be great. My children have really stepped up in a big way while I have been sick, but I am sure they are ready for their normal mommy to return especially since they are missing their dad. There are several situations at BG that I have been focusing on as well that could use some prayer support too. Things are not easy, but we are getting by.
I have to say that the blessing in all of this is my kids. They are really getting along very well and being helpful. Elijah has been reading a book to us and helped me a lot when our gate got broken and the two days I had a fever. Faith is spending more time being an awesome big sister and playing with her younger 3 sisters, even though she would rather be reading, and she has been supplying us with some yummy baked goods. Mercy is a rock star big sister and has been playing non stop with Polita and Nthabeleng. They seem to love every game she comes up with and that is helping her be a fun big sister. Polita is always offering to be helpful and does nice things for people without even being asked (yesterday she put all the dishes away after I washed them and I didn't even know she was doing that. She loves surprising me). Nthabeleng has been listening super well, and she is always willing to give a hug or make someone smile even when they are sick (and she should probably avoid them so she doesn't get sick, hahaha). I am blessed beyond measure with my 5 kids.
Another blessing is just the time I am getting to spend with them. The 3 weeks before Bryan left, I had started working full time at BG. I am now the operations manager which is the role Bryan originally came to BG to do. I worked at the school and BG before, but I finished my days when the kids got home from school. Now I was working till 5/5:30 and then coming home to cook dinner and spend time with the kids and Bryan. Thankfully my mother in law was there for the first few weeks (they were here until February 2 and it was a great visit) because she helped so much, especially with dinner prep and keeping the kids entertained. Once Bryan returns, I will have to adjust back into the role of full time work and he will be the one working at KCAL. It is helping BG transition better with him not being there daily because it is just too easy for people to ask him questions when they should be asking Peter and Lindiwe.
All that to say - I am alive and we are doing well. We are just in the middle of a lot of transitions, and we could use your prayers. Thanks everyone!

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